Steel and Fiberglass Entry Systems

A great door is like a smart new pair of shoes…it’s an easy way to spruce up your home’s style without having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Even better, a new fiberglass or steel entry door system not only looks great, it can increase the overall energy efficiency of your home too.

While most homeowners are well aware that the durable construction of a fiberglass or steel door guarantees increases security, many don’t know that a steel door’s insulating foam core ensures long-lasting energy savings as well. Unlike wood, fiberglass doors do not warp or split, allowing them to better withstand the rigours of harsh weather.

Easy to install, fiberglass doors can be painted whatever colour you choose — making it easy to create a new “look” for your home anytime you want.

Here are some of the reasons why homeowners are choosing fiberglass or steel entry door systems:

  • reduce their energy costs
  • improve curb appeal of the home
  • improve security of home
  • you get to choose the colour that you want, as often as you want
  • long-term value